Monday, March 30, 2009

Six months already

Finnegan's 6-month pediatrician's appointment got lost in the shuffle with the move. But I still love taking him to the doctor. Except for the shots. But he's a trouper and only lets out a squeal before settling down. On to the stats:

6 months:
16 lbs 12 oz (45-50th %)
27 inches (75th %)

Though he's keeping up with the long and skinny, he has bizarrely fat and dimply knees.

He also got his 6-month pictures taken. And he's the sweetest thing.

It looks like he's buttoning his shirt cuffs in this picture. We hope to convince him to do the same for his senior pictures in 17 years!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Big changes in the past month. The biggest is we're in the new house. Everyone seems to be adjusting well. I thought Finnegan might have trouble, but all he needed was thick curtains on his windows. He has a need for a dark room to sleep. But we have lots more room to spread out. Our goal was to have no more than one baby play item in each room, and so far it's worked.

But Finn has developed tremendously in the past month. Not only has he moved from rolling over to sitting up, he LOVES to stand. He can't pull himself up, but give him a couple fingers and he'll find his way to his feet. And he gets the biggest kick out it. He has found his voice and babbles and squeals constantly. I don't know how we lucked out, but we have one happy baby.

One thing hasn't changed. He still has fabulous blue eyes.


Not sure where my affection for hats comes from. Always have had a lotta hats. Even before I needed to protect my naked scalp from the sun and elements. Perhaps it came from my mother. Sandy doesn't wear a lot of hats, but she certainly does seem to have quite a few around her crib.
And she seems very happy to share them with Finnegan. The boy can wear a hat. For sure.