Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday at the Drag Strip

Not that I want to, but it is becoming clear that it will be tough to keep the boy from the track. Finnegan's Grandpa Larry (known to Finnegan as Pa) and his Aunt Kara and Grandma Terry were in town from Evansville to race at the O'Reilly Raceway Park for IHRA drag racing

Finn spent at least one hour of our eight hour visit at the track attached to this scooter.

He spent at least another hour helping his mother, grandmother fly our kite. That kitew is getting a lotta play this spring.

Lunch time was spent largely with their dog Harley.

The boy is pretty good-natured when he's walked around the track. He brings quite the entourage.
Here is ain't Kara watching Pa warm his tires.

Grandma and Finn watched from the stands. He was pretty impressed.

But the little adrenaline freak just had to fade after awhile no matter how many cars there were to see.
There will be other opportunities.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flying a kite at O'Bannon Park

It was a lovely day to fly a kite and since Alisha bought some friday, Finnegan hasn't stopped pointing to them and saying "kite, kite, kite..."
I rode past Frank and Judy O'Bannon Park on the Monon last week and saw some folks flying kites and it seemed the perfect place. So there we went.
The first one needed a better tail so we went with the better but weirder one. He liked flying it and pointed it out in the sky repeating his "kite, kite, kite" refrain.

Alisha got these great shots of Finn with the caboose at the park. He is just plum tuckered here, but it looks like he's shooting a hip album cover.

This is supposed to be an octopus, but it sure looked like a jellyfish to me. Especially as it wrapped itself around the boy.
This last shot pretty much sums it up. Alisha and Finn sitting in the park on a stunning day flying a kite. It was a great little trip.