Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finnegan Goes Fishing

Finn's First Fish: Its a bluegill.
 On the last day of March, Finnegan and I were treated to a great memory. Finn's Grandpa Larry, who Finn calls Pa, took us, and his step-dad Harry for a fishing trip to pond folks in Alisha's family have fished for decades.
It was a beautiful day with nary a biting bug in sight and the fish were biting. Before Finn and I could get our lines in the water, Harry had pulled in two bass.
Casting into the pond owned by his great great grandmother, two days before her 100th birthday.
Father and son walking around with another catch.
It's fixin' to get messy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Long Time No Post

Reviewed the whole blog today and swelled my heart looking at the old pictures. Then was overcome with a sense of failure as I saw our last post was prior to Halloween.

Not up to a lot of writing right now, but there have been a lot of pictures taken. So...

Doesn\'t that kast one look like he\'s in some late eighties post-Clash proto-punk band? Just linda reminds me of an old The Jam album cover with an early nineties pout. More old and new photos to follow.