Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Haircuts Suck

I felt like the guy who plays violin outside the gas chamber. The poor guy trusts me. He likes me. I bring him to a colorful fun looking place. It has a little jungle gym even. I pick him up and sit him in a shiny toy car. We put the larges bib he's ever seen on him. He's gotta be thinking, "This is awesome! Dunno what we're eating but it must be big and messy? That Dad guy is a little bit of alright."

Then the snipping begins and it's right in his ear. And he is certain that he is back in the emergency room again getting stitches.
Did I mention that he had just minutes before had his stitches removed? Did I mention that he fell down and hit his head and got stitches last week? Well, he did. There you are all caught up.Anyway, he was pretty inconsolable about the whole situation. Even a remote control in his hand did little to ease his ill temper.
But in the end there was a blue balloon and a nap. He bounces back pretty well.