Saturday, May 2, 2009

Parents' Day Out

For Spencer's birthday a couple of weeks ago, I got him (us) tickets to the Cubs/Cardinals game in Chicago. Northern Indiana boy is a Cubs fan. Southern Indiana girl is a Cardinals fan. We try to get to a rivalry game once a year. Usually in St. Louis because tickets are cheaper. But we made our first trip to Wrigley Field together.

An April game in Chicago was a gamble, but we lucked out and it was a beautiful day.
But it was a big day not only for the NL Central. It was our first night away from Finnegan since he was born. More than seven months. It's been a long time. Which resulted in lots of rounds of beer and the ultimate luxury of sleeping in. Before Finnegan came along, we loved to travel and be social. It was great to have that back, if only for one day.

Too bad the Cubs won.

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  1. Go Cubs! You look beautiful, Alisha - even for a Cardinals fan. :)