Friday, September 4, 2009

Finnegan's First Birthday

Well, Finn is one year old. There's a party for him Sunday, but we had to give him his first cake on his birthday Thursday. He was a mess. A cheery, beautiful, ravenous mess. At one year he is completely capable of walking, but, as yet, doesn't really see the point of letting go of the chair and rail. Which is odd because he has no fear whatsoever of the stairs.
In the last month he has been to his first ballgame, had his first juice and said his second word. First was 'banana' and, in keeping with an apparent theme, he followed that up with 'monkey'. Being good parents who like to recognize our child's predispositions, so we will be taking him to the zoo Monday.
Tonight he heard his first bluegrass band and for the first time we saw what had to be called dancing. For months we've seen things that looked like dancing and convinced ourselves it was dancing, but tonight there was no doubt. He was a little dancing fool. He seemed to especially light up for the fiddle. Sorry we have no footage of this, but you will note above the initial inklings of dance that made us so proud.
He's been to the state fair and really liked the horses and llamas, but not much else except of course, grilled cheese sandwiches from the dairy barn.

He is great.

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