Monday, November 30, 2009

Old Things Are New Things If You Son Has Never Seen Them Part III: The Resurrection of Seabiscuit

Don't tell me miracles don't happen. In our house we spell miracle G-R-A-N-D-P-A. If you are among the small cast following this blog you will remember that when last we left our hero and his mighty steed Seabiscuit, the ancient horse had shed his mortal coil and proceeded on to his eternal reward. All of us were saddened at the passing, especially young Finnegan.

But alas a mysterious figure entered our story. Seabiscuit was taken away and trough the laying on of hands, and no doubt some drilling, gluing and driving of screws, new life was breathed into the old fella.

Who was that masked man who saved our heroic horse. I don't know, but he left behind a silver screw.

1964-2009, 2009-?

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