Friday, January 8, 2010

On a snowy day alone in a house with the boy and Horton Hatches the Egg gets you this.

Wrote most of this in my head as I changed over laundry then posted it to facebook:

Spencer Valentine wonders if it's ever happened to you upon reading much Seuss to your child under two.

Have you noticed your speech patterns evolving to mimic storybook rhythms and rhymes idiomatic.

Over coffee. Through brunch. As I shovel the snow. I hear it and speak it without realizing its so.

In compact car or kitchen or in front of my screens, Ted Geisel’s influence practically screams.

Thanks to Horton, a Grinch, green eggs and ham, ham, ham, ham.

I think I could throttle that damn Sam I Am.

Is there a support group or a pill my doc could prescribe?

Google can’t show me one, so I think I’ll imbibe.

He’s just 16 months, years more Seuss to get through.

Mayzie, Lorax, hatted cat, a billion or so Whos.

I’d best settle in, the Doc’s got a lot more to teach us.

Finn, maybe someday a sibling, will likely soon ask me what the hell a Sneetch is.

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