Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer 2010 So Far: Bowling

Sunday night I had to miss a fundraiser I slightly helped pull together. I regretted it as I went about the duties that drew me away. But upon returning to see these pictures and hear from Alisha how much fun they had, I regretted it even more.

It was a fundraiser for a great not-for-profit called Reach for Youth which provides counseling opportunities for at-risk children and teens. A great organization and a worthy cause. The fundraiser was called Roll for youth and was held at what is apparently a beautiful bowling alley called the Woodland Bowl.

Alisha took Finnegan and their night went a little something like this.

Start with some tasty cheese pizza and when mom points the camera at you say what type of pizza you are eating, "Cheese!" Check.

Begin with some skee-ball just to reintroduce ourselves to rolling heavy non-bounce balls.
Didn't collect a lotta tickets, but the concept has been laid out. Check.
Next, get the young person cheats in place. Check.
Select a pretty blue ball from the broad and delightful array of technicolor balls. Check.
Accept a little help in aiming from a qualified adult. Check.
But you gotta get a feel for the ball and it's weight, as well as its shininess. Check-erino.

Roll it. Wait for it... Wait for it.... Wait... Wait...Wait...
BINGO! Clap when stuff falls down. Check! And the joy passes to another generation. Now I gotta get him a bowling shirt.

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