Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Artist and his Vision

So Finnegan and his mother have a bit of a bedtime tradition working. Every night they turn on his turtle nightlight that projects constellations on the ceiling and they make a wish on a star. Contrary to how I understand such wishes to work, Alisha immediately asks him what he wishes for. For quite a while it was, "I hope we all have a nice time at the beach." Sweet, wight? So then we take our summer vacation where we have a lovely time at the beach,
After vacation Alisha asks him what he wants and, as he had been telling me for a week or so over lunches, he says, "I want to make Mama a heart and hang it on the wall." I leave this hanging for a while but definitely have plans of painting a heart with him on canvass. Well, his birthday weekend we go get some paint and a canvass and take to the backyard for the project you witness here.
I sketched a heart outline and held his hand to brush the initial hear outline, and Alisha helped fill in the background, but beyond that about 70 percent of the paint on this canvass is the boy's doing. LAregely by his demand. At one point early in the process when I was guiding his hand a bit, he just dropped the brush and said, "I don't want to do it." I apologized and gave him the brush and bit my tongue for the rest of the project.
I think at the lunches he often mentioned glitter, but I let that slide.
We are all so proud of the finished product and the artist, that it hands above our fireplace for all to see.
A perfect Valentine from our Finny little Valentine.

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