Monday, May 3, 2010

Mondays are for Swimming

Last year's swimming classes for Finnegan were pretty fun and he never seemed too scared of the water. This year he continues the trend. After five weeks of swim classes, he wakes up just about everyday and says "swim" in an excited sing-song fashion that just makes you wanna load up the car and hit the beach.

He's learning to kick, though he does it more when he's at home talking about swimming than when he is actually in the pool. But the concepts are getting there. Mostly though, he socializes.
He spends a lot of time hanging on the walls and the stair railings saying "hello!" and shouting out the names of other kids.

Below he is with his best swimming buddy, Bryce. Bryce's mom teaches the class (Monday's at the Jordan Y) and deserves as much credit for putting up with Finn's Dad during class as much as teaching Finn.

Bryce, as you might guess, is the best swimmer and as such he exudes a confidence that makes Finn want to party with that dude.

Swim class has made Monday's our favorite day of the week.

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