Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer 2010 So Far: Racing With Pa

The rain and humidity of the early 2010 Summer not withstanding there is a lot of great fun stuff to report and I've got a backlog I need to catch up on. So here is the first installment of The Summer So Far:Lets start with racing. As previously published, our first-born is a big fan of the drag races and a while back got to be there, with proper protective gear as you can see, to stay up late and witness his Grandpa Larry win his division under the lights.
Finnegan says "Wow!" and "Loud!' a lot at the races. But mostly he just grins and giggles. claps and points at Grandpa Larry and says "Pa!"

Pa was pretty excited by the win and told Alisha as they headed for the winners' circle photos, "This doesn't happen very often. Lets get that boy up here with me."

I was home stripping furniture, more about that in a future post, and missed the whole thing and kick myself for it. In a few weeks Finnegan will be spending the weekend with Pa and Grandma in Michigan at a race and we know they will share with us great photos from that. But for now it's just fun to look at the boy at the track.

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  1. finn was good luck that weekend hopefully he can bring more luck to pa in michigan because he needs another win this year. maybe finn could bring some luck to his aunt kara