Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We've been playing the oldest sport known to man on Sunday's lately and last week was our last one this summer as a family. With the pools open and baby swim classes a'coming my lovely bride has opted out of reinvesting for the Summer league. But it was great to get together and play each week and watch how Finnegan interacted with a bunch of (so called) grown ups. He was as ever his chill self.

He was however the screen door on the submarine of Alisha's killer instinct. You can usually rely on her to bring A game or at least A competitive effort, but alas she just couldn't muster such attack with that cute little guy staring at her. She much preferred holding the boy and reading trashy books.
Even when our friends Ty and Sandhya mocked us openly after a cannoli (scoring the maximum 4 points) the brutal competitor I once knew was nowhere to be found. Bummer. Enjoy the pool Alisha, I will defend the family name with a new partner. Don't forget to be generous with the boy's sunblock. Daddy wants to keep with his Sunday bocce until football season calls.

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