Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finnegan logs his first swimming pool time.

Finnegan has logged his first swimming pool time this week. First with a trip to the Northside Indianapolis Knights of Columbus thanks to our invite from the Megan Garver and the three Garver boys, Freddy, Michael and Peter. Also was nice to hang with John and Molly Kramer and their girls Caroline and Anne-Marie. He is still pretty tentative and stoic around the water, but you can coax the occasional smile.

Alisha has also taken him to the pool at the Jordan Y wearing his sunproof swim uniform. It look totally kowabunga dude!

Then there is the naked time in the baby pool out back. You gotta slather the waterproof sunscreen pretty liberally, what with him having daddy's irish skin and all. But, it's worth it. Look at that serious face.

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