Monday, January 5, 2009

Top Ten of 2008

I wish I had kept a better record of 2008. As Spencer references below, I bought a journal thinking it would record the months I was pregnant. That didn’t happen, so I thought I’d start after Finnegan was born. That didn’t happen either. But there are some highlights from the year that I want to remember.

1. Finnegan, of course. From the day he was born to our walks throughout the fall in Garfield Park to the waning days of December when he giggled out loud for the first time, he consumes my favorite memories.
2. Hiking into Machu Picchu. Peru was an amazing trip perpetuated by Spencer’s extreme gift giving. The hike into Machu Picchu was grueling at times. As we looked up at the last incline, our guide said if we were pure of mind, body, and spirit, the beauty of Machu Picchu would be revealed to us. It was cloudy.

3. Weddings. I was honored to be the matron of honor at my friend Christy and Jee’s October wedding. Not many thought I would make the trip and leave Finnegan, at just four weeks, with Spencer. But I wasn’t going to miss one of my oldest (as in longevity, not age) friends on her big day. And I was thrilled to read a poem in Sandhy a’s words to the crowd gathered as she married Ty. I even got a little choked up about it.
4. Pregnancy, specifically, announcing it. As much as Spencer and I had planned for having a baby, once I realized I was pregnant, I wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. The height of this was when I announced the pregnancy at euchre – and started crying. What a spaz.

5. Ultrasounds. From the first in early January to the last eight weeks before Finn’s arrival, getting a peek at what was going on was always exciting and emotional. Some tests had shown possible complications, so we checked in every couple of mo nths. But Finnegan knew everything was OK in there.
6. Learning to knit. This always looked so complicated when I’d see friends take a ball of yarn and make a sweater of it. But once I learned wool pants could be used as covers to the cloth diapers we planned on using, I had a mission. And one that’s worked out pretty well.
7. Being healthy. Early in the year I was training for the Mini Marathon. I ran all my miles but was disappointed to get a call from the doctor two days prior saying at five months along, I shouldn’t run anymore. So I walked the Mini. I don’t recommend it. It was way too long. But with running gone, I decided to take swimming lessons. And I played tennis until three weeks before Finnegan was born.

8. Meeting Jeff Saturday. He even signed a jersey “That’s why I’m a Center.” He didn’t realize it was a referenced to being slapped on the rear end by Peyton.

9. Election night. Sensing Barack Obama would win handily (but in Indiana?!), Spencer and I had a bottle of champagne on hand. But I was exhausted after finally getting Finn to bed, so I said I was going to do the same – before the race was called. Spencer convinced me to stay up, and I’m glad I did. The moment was so emotional and Obama’s speech inspirational.

10. The Indiana State Fair. Spencer and I went to see a taping of Prairie Home Companion two weeks before Finnegan was born. It was a beautiful night and the sunset was just gorgeous. However, it was the realization that it was the last time it would be just the two of us that made it so special.

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