Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watch Them Grow

Finnegan hit a major milestone the other night -- he rolled over for the first time. Spencer had done some research on how to encourage babies to roll and discovered we should be putting toys above his head rather than to his side. Sure enough, Finn was interested in getting his Octotunes (or, as I say, Auchtung Baby) and made the leap. I had left him on the floor to prepare his cereal and when I looked around the corner, saw him in action.

Shortly thereafter, a song Watch Them Grow came on. The chorus is "You watch them grow, then you let'em go." I danced with Finnegan and teared up thinking of how quickly the past four and a half months have gone. It's not the first time I've had such a reaction to the song. It came on the radio the first day I went back to work. How appropriate.

But he is getting so big so quickly. At four months he was eligble to ride on the "buggy" at day care. In the afternoons babies and toddlers are able to get out of their rooms and ride around the place. The first time I saw him on it, I got a little choked up (parenthood is so emotional!). But now I think he's so cute on it. And he seems to really like it.

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