Monday, January 19, 2009


I'd thought I'd pay homage to the last day in office of our current president -- HOORAY! -- by posting about the types of torture Finnegan has had to endure. The first is what Spencer and I call 'waterboarding.' As the weather is dry, the doctor recommends saline solution for his nose. Of course he doesn't like the process and squirms around, resulting in the solution getting everywhere but his nose.

And for his first week of eating cereal we didn't have a high chair, so he sat in the bouncy seat. To prevent him from grabbing the spoon, we decided the best way to restrain him was to keep his arms under the seat cushion. The jack-o-lantern bib doesn't really say Abu Ghraib.

Bring on Obama!

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  1. Spencer and Alisha,

    Finn is just about the cutest baby I have ever seen - he is absolutely darling! You have a wonderful family, and I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures together. :)

    Megan (Grimm) Jewell